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PLEXIGLAS® Extruded Sheets

Extruded PMMA Sheets in the Americas

Serving a broad spectrum of industries throughout the Americas, Trinseo’s PLEXIGLAS® polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) extruded sheets deliver fabrication versatility, long-term optical clarity, and superior impact resistance. Our material experts serve as your partners in innovation, collaborating closely with you to create customized solutions for your precise applications.

A trusted brand name, PLEXIGLAS® succeeds where other materials may fail, providing outstanding properties such as transparency, toughness, light weight, formability, weatherability, and chemical resistance. Trinseo’s versatile extruded acrylic sheets enhance applications in residential, commercial, industrial, and professional uses — from skylights to retail display to document preservation.

Combining operational excellence and unparalleled innovation, Trinseo’s experienced acrylics team delivers unmatched consistency and product quality. We strive to make your boldest design concepts a reality.

PLEXIGLAS® Chip Gallery

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PLEXIGLAS® Extruded Sheets

A sheet that consists of a clear middle layer sandwiched between top and bottom frosted layers. Also available in a one-sided frost surface finish. Allows designers to create an attractive look to their design.

A unique textured look throughout the sheet that creates dramatic effects. Is ideal for POP and lighting applications.

An acrylic sheet made with more than 70% recycled content.

The durability, light weight, and textured finish of this black acrylic sheet provides a modern aesthetic for backdrops, columns, signage, shelving, tabletops, and visual displays.  The opacity of this material also meets specialty market needs where light restriction is required.

Our family of impact modified products that consists of Plexiglas T, T2, T3 and DR sheet.

A premium melt calendered sheet with exceptional weather resistance and optical quality that can be easily fabricated and thermoformed.

A sheet with intense color at the edge, yet a subtle look on the surface, that is available in 7 standard colors.

A sheet offering with bright luminous neon colors that will glow without a light source.

A sheet with a matte texture available on one surface or two that is similar in look to the cast sheet P95.

A sheet that is a custom multilayer and multicolored co-extruded product with endless choice possibilities.

Translucent sign colors that will hide or diffuse LED light sources as close as 2" to the light source.

Acrylic sheet for lightweight design, optimum transparency, superb light transmission qualities, and strength 17x that of glass.

Acrylic sheet for applications requiring enhanced craze and chemical resistance.

Craze-resistant acrylic sheet suitable for channel letter and pan face signage.

Think sleek and chic for your new designs.  The newest addition to the acrylic sheet family of products, PLEXIGLAS® Sylk acrylic sheet was developed with a focus on the trends toward LED light sources, offering a unique blend of properties that provides brilliance and luminosity without sacrificing light transmission.

PLEXIGLAS® Cell-Cast Sheet
PLEXIGLAS® cell-cast sheet is a premium cell-cast sheet that can be used in a variety of applications such as POP displays, signage, framing, incubators, and aerospace applications. The materials provide superior optical quality, chemical resistance, weatherability, and long-term design stress - all while allowing for a broad range of design considerations that allow you the flexibility needed in your applications. Need samples? Interested in purchasing? Need more information? Let us know what you need.


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