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Climate Change

There is an urgent need for sustainable products that is backed by consumer-driven demand that companies take responsibility for their environmental footprint.

Trinseo’s commitment to protecting the environment is central to everything we do. We continuously evaluate our environmental impact and improve our processes to promote resource conservation throughout the life cycles of our products and prevent adverse environmental impacts and waste. We follow the American Chemistry Council’s Responsible Care® Product Safety Code guidelines, which require companies to include product safety and stewardship as part of their management systems. Our business plans are based on this standard, and annual self-assessments assist in monitoring progress and performance.

Climate change has a significant impact on our world – from extreme weather conditions to rising sea levels. We acknowledge the urgent need to address climate change and support global efforts to combat it.

Our Climate Change category is just one part of our 2030 Sustainability Goals, which together, will help us achieve a more sustainable future for our company and the communities we serve.

2030 Sustainability Goals

Of our 17 Sustainability Goals, the first three are dedicated to reducing our environmental footprint by focusing on our decarbonization strategy and increasing our use of renewable resources.

Trinseo reduced our GHG emissions intensity by 11% in 2023 due, in part, to employee-led projects such as electrical heat tracing improvement and frequency converter usage. Overall, Trinseo has reduced our GHG emissions intensity by 21% since our base year of 2017.
In 2023, Trinseo’s non-fossil fuel energy sources for our electrical consumption increased by 5%, for a total of 29% of our consumption. Additionally, our percentage of electricity purchased from renewable energy sources increased from 13% to 18%. Our renewable sources include biomass, wind, solar, and hydroelectric.
At Trinseo, we estimate that Scope 3 GHG emissions represent over 90% of our overall carbon footprint, and it is essential for us to track, report, and reduce these emissions. In 2023, we completed Scope 3 GHG Emission inventory calculations through an internal cross functional collaboration so that we have a comprehensive understanding of our footprint that yields more accurate data. Trinseo is focusing on having our Scope 3 inventory certified through a third-party validation organization. We also established a Scope 3 governance structure, which will help us effectively manage and complete our Scope 3 program plan. It helps us integrate our sustainable procurement practices into the company’s procurement workflow, aligning cross functional team initiatives and intensifying our Scope 3 exchange with our strategic partners.

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