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General Purpose

PMMA General Purpose - ALTUGLAS™ Acrylic Resins

Standard clear ALTUGLAS™ PMMA resins exhibit key properties that make them the industry standard for applications needing a combination of high transparency and gloss along with UV and scratch resistance. Trinseo offers a wide range of grades adapted to injection molding and extrusion processes.

These clear thermoplastic materials (92% LT / 0.5% haze) offer:

  • Outstanding resistance to mechanical damage and discoloration by ultraviolet rays; years outdoor exposure have no visible effect on ALTUGLAS™ PMMA
  • Unsurpassed surface hardness (Rockwell M-Scale) and hence scratch resistance ensuring a lasting premium look
  • Higher heat resistance than impact-modified grades (Vicat B50 up to 108°C)
  • Good stiffness
  • Ease of coloring (PMMA based MB required for non opaque colours to avoid optical defects)

General Purpose main grades:

Extrusion resin with high heat resistance.

Both injection and extrusion resin have good flow and high heat resistance.

ALTUGLAS™ V 920T / V 920
Injection molding resin with high flow and heat resistance.

Injection molding resin offers very high flow but slightly lower heat resistance.

Lubricated version of ALTUGLAS™ VM grade intended for injection of complex parts with easier demolding.

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