Trinseo Makes Indonesia Fresh Water Tank
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Indonesia Water Tank

The Trinseo Merak team made fresh water access a reality for 30 families in Indonesia.

A supply of clean water is expected in most parts of the world today. Yet there are still some communities, including those in Indonesia, where families do not have access to this necessity. When an employee at Trinseo’s Merak location in Indonesia became aware of a community in need of fresh water through its involvement with Karang Taruna Tunas Mekar (Tunas Mekar Youth Organization), Trinseo stepped in to help.

"Trinseo’s donation means families will now have access to fresh water in their homes."

People living near the foothill of a mountain area of Kepudang Gede, Merak, Indonesia, used to live without the supply of fresh water, with members of the community traveling up and down a hill to transport fresh water using buckets.

Thanks to Trinseo Indonesia, the community now has a large-capacity water tank, which holds 5,100 liters. The youth organization assisted Trinseo with the planning of the donation, including a meeting with the chief of the village to discuss the need for the tank. Now installed and in use, the tank collects fresh water and, through flexible hoses, directly transports water to the homes of 30 families.

Indonesian men installing water tank