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At Trinseo, we take a top-down governance approach to sustainability.

It’s built into our Executive Leadership Team (ELT) through our Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO), Francesca Reverberi, and supported throughout our business units with the Sustainability Business and Services (SBS) team, which was established in 2021.

The SBS team drives the Company’s sustainability roadmap, and as part of this, they are strategically implementing decarbonization efforts. The team is directly responsible for oversight of each of Trinseo’s five primary Sustainability Goal categories — Product Portfolio, Suppliers, Climate Change, Responsible Operations, and Sustainable Workforce.

Members of the SBS team are developing strategic sustainability plans for four key areas: climate, operations, and suppliers; sustainable business development; sustainable feedstock business; and environmental, social, and governance.

Under the leadership of the CSO, the SBS unit has a direct line to the ELT and the Board that enables the team and their Councils to coordinate with the corporate and business units on strategic direction, investment opportunities, and communications.


“Our Sustainability team has elevated the Company’s strategy for delivering innovative products and feedstocks, scientific tools for decarbonization, and recycling technologies. By unifying our sustainability efforts, we have amplified our impact and started to shape the future of the chemical industry.”

SVP and Chief Sustainability Officer, Trinseo

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