Our Sustainability Strategy

Sustainability is central to our business.

As a global company, Trinseo has the sustainable materials, technologies, and solutions to drive innovation and deliver cutting-edge, sustainably advantaged products to our customers around the world, along with the local, agile teams needed to adapt to the ever-changing sustainability landscape. Our strategy is focused on materializing a future anchored in understanding the environmental, economic, and human impact of our decisions. This guiding objective is intrinsic to who we are and what we do each day.

Since the launch of our 2030 Sustainability Goals in 2020, we have transformed our efforts into a purposeful, comprehensive strategy that is materializing results. Our work in sustainability is driven by our Core Values, as we often look to them to guide our Company forward.


Our Governance structure helps deliver actionable change by taking a top-down approach to sustainability. As part of this approach, our Sustainability Business and Services (SBS) team was established in 2021 under the leadership of our Chief Sustainability Officer to develop and oversee the Company’s sustainability roadmap and provide sustainability services to the business units.

The team is directly responsible for oversight of each of our five primary Sustainability Goal categories: Product Portfolio, Supplier Responsibility, Climate Change, Responsible Operations, and Sustainable Workforce. Through the development of the Climate, Operations, and Suppliers Council; Sustainable Business Development Council; and Environmental, Social, and Governance Council, the SBS team has implemented initiatives to advance outcomes toward our goals.


For more information on our sustainability strategy, visit our 2023 Sustainability Report.

Highlights from Our 2023 Sustainability Report

Global Reporting Initiative 2021 Universal Standards

We are passionate about global continuity and transparency of reporting, and as such, have aligned our reports since 2018 with the Global Reporting Index (GRI) Sustainability Reporting Standards. This year, we implemented the new 2021 GRI disclosures in order to keep our reporting aligned with the highest universal standards. Our Content Index and Material Topics can be found in the Resources below.

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2030 Sustainability Goals

Our goals are purposely strategic, ambitious, and, yet, achievable. By utilizing an approach that hinges on our culture of discipline and science, we have set a foundation for a strategic roadmap to sustainability. Updates for each of our goals can be found on our Business & Operations, People, Safety, and Environmental Protection pages.

Aligning Our Efforts with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

We utilize the SDGs to help guide our sustainability efforts, as they provide a shared, global blueprint for peace and prosperity for people and the planet, now and into the future. As we continue to strive forward with our goals, we are evaluating the opportunity to expand and refine our alignment with SDGs.

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Latest Sustainability News

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