Trinseo | Trinseo + COMMUNITY: Trinseo Hong Kong Sponsors Natural Wonders Coastal Cleaning and Glass Waste Upcycling Workshops
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January 28, 2020

Trinseo + COMMUNITY: Trinseo Hong Kong Sponsors Natural Wonders Coastal Cleaning and Glass Waste Upcycling Workshops

Through our charitable contribution program, Trinseo has established giving themes and donation criteria including science education and environmental stewardship as core areas. With the prevailing theme of sustainability in mind, Trinseo Hong Kong is working directly with Environmental Association Limited in Hong Kong on the following projects:

  • Eight Natural Wonders Coastal Cleaning sessions, and
  • Six Glass Waste Upcycling Workshops.

Both initiatives are due to take place in 2020 for the general public in the city.

Trinseo’s global efforts on sustainability include taking the Operation Clean Sweep® pledge to help control plastic pellet, flake, and powder loss worldwide. Garbage found in oceans is a considerable anthropogenic problem to the whole world, damaging the ecosystem in the ocean and the environment of the coastal area. Coastal cleaning helps reduce the ocean garbage and is also treated as an educational activity for participants to raise their awareness of the issue.

Trinseo Hong Kong has sponsored eight 3.5-hour coastal cleaning programs for public participation to promote the uniqueness of our natural environment. Up to 60 participants will clean up and help record the waste found on the shoreline using an international standard during each session, therefore contributing the data for research around the world. Experienced ecoGuides will lead an ecoTour nearby for appreciation of the nature areas after the coastal cleaning.

Trinseo employees
(From left: Martin Chan, Office Manager, Trinseo Hong Kong; Eric Keung, Project Manager, Environmental Association Limited; Alfred Chan, Site Leader, Plastics Operations, Tsing Yi Plant)

Outside of plastic and domestic wastes, glass bottles are always found in the coastal area. Upcycling glass waste is an experience that attempts to change the participants’ habits. Trinseo Hong Kong has also sponsored six 3.5-hour glass waste upcycling workshops for public participation to promote environmental conservation and upcycling. Each event will begin with a 30-minute talk on coastal conservation, followed by an upcycling workshop using glass waste collected from the coastal area. The group size can accommodate up to 40 participants led by an instructor and two assistants.

With our core values as our guide, Trinseo is committed to living out our company mission through volunteering efforts and charitable contributions, focusing on making a direct impact in the local communities where our employees live and work. To learn more about Trinseo’s sustainability journey, please click here.