Trinseo + COMMUNITY: Trinseo, Bali Officials Host Panel Discussion on Sustainability

Thursday, September 5, 2019

Bali Reggae Star Festival is an annual charity event supporting environmental issues in Indonesia. PT Trinseo Materials Indonesia was invited to attend a pre-event for the festival as a supporting organization due in part to the Company’s recent sustainability efforts on a global level.

The pre-event of “Bali Reggae Star Festival 2019” was held at the picturesque Sanur Beach on August 11. Outside of the “turtle hatchling release” activity, there was a 30-minute sunset talk show session featuring Walter van het Hof, Global Industry Affairs & Sustainability Leader, Hanggara Sukandar, President Director of PT Trinseo Materials Indonesia, and local government officials in Bali, Indonesia. The panel discussed the topic of “Sustainability in the Environment.”

Sustainability panel

The local officials provided context to their role in government while van het Hof talked about the importance of understanding which plastics can truly be recycled. He urged decision makers to base their decisions more on facts and science to drive truly sustainable solutions. Sukandar suggested to the young audience – mostly tourists and elementary school students – not to litter into the sea and waterways. He went on to explain how plastics are quite useful in everyday life expanding on the fact that we need to dispose of plastic waste properly instead of disrupting the environment. Sukandar spoke about the ability for plastics to be recycled and made into useful items such as clothes hangers.

Rounding out the event, Sukandar unveiled that Trinseo now has state-of-the-art technology to completely recycle polystyrene, a versatile material well-suited for applications such as food packaging, back to its original raw material form.

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