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August 29, 2019

Trinseo + COMMUNITY: Our Efforts on Sustainability Reach Bali, Indonesia

PT Trinseo Materials Indonesia was invited to attend a pre-event for “Bali Reggae Star Festival 2019” as a supporting organization due in part to the Company’s recent sustainability efforts on a global level. Walter van het Hof, Global Industry Affairs & Sustainability Leader, Trinseo Netherlands B.V., and Hanggara Sukandar, President Director of PT Trinseo Materials Indonesia were both present at the event.

Since 2015, Bali Reggae Star Festival is an annual charity event in Indonesia, featuring environmental issues as the key message. From 2017 onwards, part of the proceeds from ticket sales and corporate sponsorships have been used on charity initiatives such as the purchase of hundreds of trash cans for the Bali community. The pre-event was held at the picturesque Sanur Beach on August 11. With international and local media in attendance, participants such as local government officials, environmentalists, tourists, and elementary school students participated in a beach cleaning activity while enjoying a free music performance by guest stars and bands all along.

Beach clean-up concert

One of the highlights of the pre-event was the release of turtle hatchlings into the sea, symbolizing protection of the endangered species. The smiles from cheek to cheek and music-like laughter of participating adults and school children alike added even more sunshine over the Sanur Beach.

Trinseo’s efforts on sustainability include:

  • Manufacturing of a portfolio of sustainable materials, including Post-consumer recycled (PCR) polycarbonate, bio-degradable plastics, bio-based plastics, and polystyrene that is infinitely recyclable;
  • Serving as a founding member of Styrenics Circular Solution (SCS), a joint industry initiative and the unified, driving force behind the acceleration of styrenics recycling through innovative technologies and partner-driven solutions. SCS elected Nicolas Joly, Global Business Director, Polystyrene, Trinseo, as SCS President earlier this year;
  • Taking the Operation Clean Sweep® (OCS) pledge in the U.S. to help control pellet, flake, and powder loss worldwide;
  • Adopting the principles of Responsible Care®, a voluntary commitment to uphold the highest standards for protecting the environment, as well as the health and safety of employees, customers, and neighbors;
  • Operating Trinseo Volunteer Days, an annual community service initiative that brings together hundreds of Trinseo employees around the world to support their communities.

To learn more about Trinseo’s sustainability journey, please click here.

 turtle hatchlings Beach clean-up