Bioplastics – The Natural Choice

Trinseo offers a customizable portfolio of bio-based TPE polymers and compounds as an alternative to fossil-based materials to meet market demand and consumer need for sustainable products.

To help customers achieve their sustainability goals, Trinseo has developed a range of bio-based TPE solutions as fossil-based alternatives. These materials are derived from sources such as corn, sugar cane, beet, soya beans, cellulose, or vegetable oil or plants or algae.

Trinseo’s bio-based TPE chemistries are as follows:

These materials can be developed to meet various requirements for hardness and customized to meet the needs of a specific application with performance properties that are comparable to those of traditional plastic material. Trinseo’s APICOLOR masterbatch solutions allow customers to apply color to their materials, with biodegradable options available in these additives.

The goal in manufacturing these materials is to tap into a source that is self-generating and will be present for generations to come without harming the environment.

Trinseo bioplastics are used extensively in the footwear industry where drivers also include non-food competition, non-genetically-modified organisms, and the use of recycled content. Additional interest is in our consumer electronic sectors where we’re offering bio-based TPU for phone cases, bumpers and feet on electronics, gaskets, and wrist and fitness bands.

Our commitment is outlined by our Bio & Beyond approach that focuses on: 

  • Saving fossil resources for future generations
  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions 
  • Reducing the water footprint
  • Sustainable waste management

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Sustainable Materials Solutions for Eco-friendly Plastics Applications

Sustainable Materials Solutions for Eco-friendly Plastics Applications

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The Trinseo Footwear Experience

The Trinseo Footwear Experience

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