Innovative Solutions to Rely on for Building Materials Applications

Trinseo latex binders for building materials deliver consistent quality, differentiating technology, and performance to enhance a variety of applications.

Our customized polymers provide key properties, such as mechanical strength, elongation, adhesion, waterproofing and chemical resistance, workability, and open time. Trinseo products deliver the highest performance while meeting industry-standards (e.g., ANSI, ASTM or ETAG) and ever-increasing environmental requirements such as lowering VOC emissions to comply with EMICODE® standards.

We have a strong record of working closely with customers to develop products that respond to local needs, and our joint-development projects have driven product innovations that set new standards in performance, efficiency, and sustainability. As a global leader in latex binders solutions, we bring proven, high-performance technology, along with strong local manufacturing and technical support, to our customers. 

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Caulks & Sealants Long-term Adhesion and Durability Designed for use with various substrates, Trinseo’s styrene acrylic (SA) and all acrylic (AA) polymers help ensure excellent long-term adhesion, flexibility, and durability with resistance to water, heat, and light aging.
Liquid Applied Membranes Cost Efficiency meets High Performance Designed to optimize efficiency and flexibility, Trinseo’s ANSI 118.10, 118.12, and ETAG-compliant products, including ammonia-free formulations, balance water resistance, and vapor transmission for indoor, outdoor, EIFS, and tunneling applications. Customers benefit from cost-efficient solutions that heighten the overall lifespan and aesthetics of construction projects, making Trinseo latex binder solutions a smart alternative to sheet goods, such as polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and other flash-spun, high-density polyethylene fibers.
Tile & Stone Setting Materials Strike a Performance and Cost Balance Trinseo’s line of styrene butadiene (SB) and styrene acrylic (SA) for tile and stone setting systems provide excellent filler acceptance and viscosity control in compounding, as well as dry lap-shear and 28-day wet-shear adhesion performance. Trinseo’s styrene butadiene (SB) and styrene acrylic (SA) latexes enable customers to formulate to ANSI 136.1 specifications or higher, making Trinseo a cost-effective and strong choice.

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