Best in Class Consistency and Reliability You Can Count on for Infrastructure Applications

Proven latex binder solutions from Trinseo provide strong foundations for improved durability and long-term performance for Infrastructure.

Trinseo solutions for infrastructure applications like latex modified concrete (LMC) and recreational and road surfaces offer the consistency and reliability customers require. Trinseo combines its long-standing industry experience, state-of-the-art automated plants, and sophisticated quality control to deliver reliable, high-quality products for peace of mind.

Trinseo’s styrene butadiene (SB) latex products, such as Modifier A™/NA, and a portfolio of products for various surface applications like sports and playground surfaces, offer proven advantages like outstanding performance, value, and sustainability for the long haul.

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Latex Modified Concrete Best in Class Consistency and Reliability Meeting all critical requirements for concrete bridge deck overlays, parking decks, and other roadway surfaces Trinseo’s styrene butadiene (SB) latex solution, Modifier A™/ NA, is the market-leading product for latex modified concrete applications. With proven consistency and reliability, customers benefit from lower maintenance costs and long-term performance, spanning over 30 years, two times longer than better-known alternatives, including micro silica and polyester concrete.
Surfaces Uncompromised Performance Trinseo offers high-quality latex binders for durable sports surfaces, temporary roads, dust control, and other soil stabilization applications. Compared to lower-cost options, customers achieve faster drying and better bonding to diverse substrates, even under wet conditions.

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