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Packaging is critical to delivering a final product to market. Trinseo offers high-quality polystyrene materials suitable for a wide range of packaging, which provides protection and aesthetic to your finalized product on its way to the end consumer. As a global company, we deliver tailored solutions that address your packaging needs while meeting stringent quality and safety requirements.

We will collaborate with you on packaging solutions to speed up your processing time and provide optimal thermoforming properties. With performance properties that exceed expectations for clarity, stiffness and toughness, we can help your business deliver safe, fresh products to consumers.

Plastic continues to be one of the most widely used materials for packaging. We provide a variety of polystyrene solutions for your different packaging needs, including sustainably-advantaged solutions that help reduce the use of raw materials without a hefty cost. Safety, environment, and cost savings are important to Trinseo, and we are committed to helping you improve your packaging offerings that progress your sustainability goals.

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Dairy Packaging

Trinseo’s portfolio of polystyrene resins for dairy packaging balances clarity, stiffness and toughness. Our resins are the leading materials on the market that offer barrier protection, convenience, and product visibility for consumers.

dairy carton

Deli / Bakery Packaging

Our portfolio of clear films and containers for pre-packaged deli bakery goods provides optical clarity so consumers crave your product and the properties required to keep foods fresh and deliver on odor performance.

Ambient Packaging

Our portfolio of polystyrene solutions for ambient packaging offers enhanced stiffness and processability with technical barrier solutions to protect healthy and fragile food products, such as baby food, ready-to-go meals, and eggs.


Polystyrene Bottles

Trinseo resins are used for durable and dependable polystyrene bottles and provide a variety of advantages, including clarity, durability, light weight, and processing convenience. It is one of our most popular packaging solutions and we can help you deliver a safe, sustainably advantaged product to consumers.


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