Innovative Resins for Home Appliances

Trinseo provides a broad portfolio of plastics with great performance that focuses on enabling manufacturers to make appliances that are more robust, more cost-efficient, and more appealing to customers.

With years of experience supplying the home appliance market, Trinseo understands the challenges the industry faces today – to reduce costs, improve sustainability, and meet changing consumer tastes. 

We are a key player in resins for home appliances, and our products set the standards globally in many home appliance applications. Our R&D teams are committed to continuously developing new, innovative products and improving current products used in a range of home appliance parts.


Trinseo polystyrene resins for refrigerators enhance liner functionality and aesthetics. Appliance interiors need to be long-lasting, and live up to tough usage.  With our latest technology, STYRON X-TECH™ 2175, we have set new performance standards for refrigerator liners. Trinseo developed this new ESCR HIPS resin proprietary technology building on the benefits from industry-leader STYRON A-TECH™ 1175. The STYRON X-TECH™ 2175 offers all the performance enhancements of its predecessor with up to 10% material savings.

Air conditioning

To address the changing air conditioning trends, Trinseo works to develop new resins for home appliances. Air conditioners made with Trinseo polystyrene resins are robust and more visually appealing.

Small appliances

Consumer demand for trendy, smartly designed appliances and enhanced functionalities continues to increase and drive appliance aesthetics. Our STYRON A-TECH™ Polystyrene offers a wealth of performance characteristics that enable our customers to develop more appealing and more functional small appliances, such as coffee machines, food mixers, and water filters. Plus our technology and industry experience enhances quality consistency, facilitating a faster introduction to the market.

Our portfolio of MAGNUM™ ABS Resins, TYRIL™ SAN Resins, and CALIBRE™ Polycarbonate Resins provides more shape freedom through a wide range of mechanical properties. These resins offer a range of appearance options – tints and transparencies, easy self-coloring choices, and special effects.

Washing machines

Eco-awareness, design, and transparency are crucial to this market segment. Trinseo has resins for home appliances that meet the stringent requirements of key washing machines parts and deliver key benefits that the industry demands.

MAGNUM™ 8391 ABS Resin brings the best combination of gloss, impact, flow, and easiest self-coloring on the market thanks to the mass polymerization process. TYRIL™ SAN Resins bring a consistent and light tint for large, transparent washer windows.

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