Material Solutions and Regulatory Expertise for Safe, Effective Diagnostic Equipment Housings

With the need for innovative plastics for diagnostic equipment housings including resins that resist chemicals to eliminate healthcare acquired infections (HAI), Trinseo offers a portfolio of advanced thermoplastics and thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) solutions.

Trinseo has brought together its best-in-class rigid and soft plastics for diagnostic equipment housings that have been successfully validated, qualified, and positioned in our R&D centers and with customers from across the globe to meet today’s concerns.

This includes our advanced chemical resistance materials – our EMERGE 9000 Series -- an area in which Trinseo is recognized globally for leadership. With best-in-class performance, these materials prevent cracking and crazing from the most stringent cleansers and disinfectants required to prevent the spread of Health Care Acquired Infections (HAI).

Whether a diagnostic equipment housing needs impact strength, ignition resistance, a trendy color, or a soft-touch feel, Trinseo’s premier portfolio of high-performance materials can meet performance requirements.

Our materials for diagnostic equipment housings include:

This broad portfolio of advanced resins meets shape, design, and performance requirements including temperature extremes, hydrolysis, chemical resistance, food and skin contact compliance, and UL94 flammability ratings. Drawing on our cross-industry expertise we offer ISO 10993 biocompatible glass-filled resins, ABS blends, resins for powered and non-powered equipment, and more.

In addition to our portfolio of TPE and color masterbatches, we’re able to provide a soft-touch surface feel, texture, and surface aesthetics to enhance and add value to housings and enclosures and set them apart.

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Aesthetic Appeal with MAGNUM™ ABS The demand for attractive medical equipment is growing, and manufacturers and molders are looking for materials that provide medical housings with both pleasing aesthetics and advanced performance, including colorable resins and sterilizable resins. MAGNUM™ ABS Resins from Trinseo satisfy the most critical needs of medical device manufacturers that are looking to differentiate their products.
Chemical Resistance with EMERGE™ Series Resins Increasing concerns about hospital acquired infections (HAI) mean today’s medical equipment must endure exposure to powerful disinfectants and cleaners. The EMERGE™ 9000 Advanced Resin series from Trinseo delivers a unique combination of advanced properties, including exceptional chemical resistance.
Resins for Powered and Non Powered Housings Medical housings need to protect what’s inside. Whether powered or non-powered housings, they need to function in demanding environments. They may require excellent chemical resistance to withstand aggressive cleaners, or if housing electronics, they may need ignition resistant properties to help ensure safety. Whatever the case, Trinseo has the solution.
Structural Support with Glass Filled Materials For medical equipment housing applications requiring enhanced strength, stiffness, and dimensional stability – yet a lighter weight – Trinseo offers the CALIBRE™ 5000 Series of glass-filled polycarbonate resins. Available with varying amounts of glass filler, our glass-filled polycarbonate resins can meet the needs of most applications.

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