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Industry Overview

Consumer demand for electric vehicles (EV) continues to grow.

With Trinseo as your Latex Binder partner, we can drive your innovation for lithium-ion battery improvements with our 70+ years of experience in the materials field. Although comprising less than 1% of the lithium-ion battery composition, our water-based binders can help power your success in the EV marketplace.

Our VOLTABOND™ binders enable an aqueous-based anode coating process for lithium-ion battery applications that improve peel strength, battery cycle life, internal cell resistance, and power and low-temperature performance.

With a history of providing innovative latex binders, we can help take your ideas to new limits. Our global network of local, agile teams provides unmatched customer satisfaction to enable quick and efficient responses to an ever-changing marketplace. As a global supplier of binders, our product development pipeline is robust and can help you achieve your creative vision while continuing to meet emerging performance requirements.



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