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Pricing Announcements

October 12, 2021

Trinseo Announces Surcharge for Products Produced in EMEA

Trinseo (NYSE: TSE), a global materials company and manufacturer of plastics, latex binders and synthetic rubber, and its affiliate companies in Europe, today, announced a price increase for plastics, latex binders and synthetic rubber products manufactured in the EMEA.  Effective October 27, 2021, or as existing contract terms allow, a surcharge of up to EUR500/MT will apply to the contract and spot prices for all Trinseo products produced in its European facilities.

Since early 2020, the petrochemical industry has been greatly impacted by both severe disruptions in raw material availability and significant cost increases. Trinseo has worked hard to mitigate the impact of these issues while maintaining our standards of quality service. In the past few weeks, an energy crisis in Europe has led to an unprecedented rise in utility costs and this impacts Trinseo both directly in production and also indirectly through the raw materials and services we purchase for the manufacturing process. The issue has been escalating rapidly and this jeopardizes Trinseo’s ability to continue with normal production without action.

Trinseo will continue to monitor the situation and adjust accordingly.