Styron Announces New SSBR Production Line in Schkopau, Germany to Meet Increasing Demand for High Performance Tires

Styron Announces New SSBR Production Line in Schkopau, Germany to Meet Increasing Demand for High Performance Tires

Schkopau, Germany - Monday, December 20, 2010

Styron today announced that the company will expand its SSBR (Solution Styrene Butadiene Rubber) capacity with a new production line at Styron’s production facility in Schkopau, Germany. The additional capacity of 50,000 metric tons will allow Styron to help customers around the world meet the increasing demand for high performance tires.

SSBR for high performance tires with lower rolling resistance

Solution Styrene Butadiene Rubber is a synthetic rubber used in a wide variety of applications, including the production of tires. The major trend in tires is towards low rolling resistance, which significantly contributes to improving fuel efficiency and reducing CO2 emissions. SSBR in high performance tires allows for an optimum performance balance of improved wet grip, high abrasion resistance, low road noise, light weight and low rolling resistance, resulting in better fuel efficiency and lower CO2 emissions.

Demand driven by new European legislation

This evolution in tire technology is accelerated by strict European environmental legislation. Mandatory performance labeling of tires, including a maximum rolling resistance, will be formally introduced in 2012 and car manufacturers already face CO2 emissions targets. In addition, consumer incentives are expected to drive growth of low rolling resistance tires. As a result, the demand for greener, high performance tires is growing rapidly in Europe. Other countries around the world are expected to follow Europe in the future.

SSBR expansion meets global market needs

As a technology leader in SSBR, Styron offers a market leading product range of advanced generation SSBR which addresses all the needs of high performance tires: lower rolling resistance, lower emissions, and better wet grip performance at high speeds. The SSBR expansion in Schkopau will allow Styron to provide tire manufacturers with a key lever to further improve tire performance and meet the future demand of their customers.

Marco Levi, Vice President Emulsion Polymers at Styron says: “Safety, fuel economy and durability - that's what consumers are looking for in their tires. And that's what they'll get when tire manufacturers work with Styron. It comes down to basic chemistry – designing a new rubber that reduces rolling resistance without compromising on grip and wear – and our engineers are bringing it to market. Styron’s SSBR technology addresses this important and far-reaching trend for durable, greener high performance tires by delivering stronger than ever benefits for reducing CO2 emissions.”

New production line operational in 2012

The construction of the new production line will start with the groundbreaking in May 2011. The new train will be built alongside existing trains and will focus on SSBR production, with the capability to produce all existing clear and oil extended Styron grades. Production is expected to start in Q4 2012. The new production line will supply customers around the world.

“Schkopau, Germany is the ideal location for Styron to make its initial major expansion in our SSBR offering,” said Chris Pappas, President and CEO of Styron. “While we acknowledge the tire industry is changing globally with strong, long term growth around the world, we must immediately meet the current demand for high performance tires being driven by European legislation. The additional capacity at Schkopau will allow us to do just that. Styron has a strong tradition of being close to its customers to help them develop their next generation of products and we will continue to do so in the future.”

About Styron

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