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December 12, 2018

Trinseo Materials Drive Performance Tire Innovation Forward

In recent years, Trinseo has added new grades to its range of S-SBR products. These grades of functionalized S-SBR allow an optimum balance of low rolling resistance and high abrasion resistance, and, if desired, reduced stiffness at low temperatures, which boosts snow grip potential in winter tread applications.

Tire Magic TriangleIn addition, Trinseo developed an oil-extended S-SBR that enables tire manufacturers to move up the boundary of the “magic triangle.”1

Trinseo’s SPRINTAN™ Advanced S-SBR Rubber grades provide a unique combination of tire properties: improved lower rolling resistance for performance and fuel efficiency, as well as wet grip and abrasion durability. The relationship between these is called the magic triangle.

The magic triangle consists of three key characteristics: rolling resistance, wet traction, and abrasion resistance. Usually, optimizing one characteristic diminishes another. However, Trinseo’s oil-based S-SBR makes it possible to improve the rolling resistance – wet traction balance – without having a negative effect on abrasion resistance and, therefore, the life of the tires.

The tire industry is focusing more and more on Neodymium Butadiene Rubber (Nd-BR), as it is complementary to S-SBR materials and also promotes low rolling resistance and abrasion resistance. That’s why Trinseo is developing new products in both S-SBR and Nd-BR.

The synthetic rubber technology developed by Trinseo is contributing mightily to this revolution in sustainable transportation and performance. Markets are responding – with impressive growth in the demand and sales for performance tires. Future innovations promise even greater efficiencies in mileage, safety, and overall sustainability. Trinseo stands at the vanguard of innovation for this essential component to current revolution in the automotive industry.

You can learn more in “Science and Technology: Catalysts for Tires of the Future,” our white paper covering the application of synthetic rubber in performance tires. This article is Part Three of a three-part series. Read Part One and Part Two.

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