Trinseo + COMMUNITY - Trinseo Speaks at Waste-Aware Journalist Network Seminar in Bali, Indonesia

- Friday, September 23, 2022

On August 22, 2022, Trinseo spoke at an event organized by the Bali Province Network of Journalists Caring for Wastes (J2PS), the Indonesian Cyber Media Union and Bali Waste Cycle (BWC). The event was focused on rallying support for media networks to raise awareness on the importance of proper plastic waste collection and recycling. Danone Indonesia was also invited to speak at this inaugural event in Bali, Indonesia.

A workshop was organized at the event to educate journalists about the causes and possible solutions to waste problems. Related regulations and institutional patterns of waste management were also discussed.

The advocacy and education on plastic waste recycling initiated by Trinseo’s Let’s Do Recycling! Program (YYADU) helped shape J2PS’s plans for the event. Trinseo’s Hanggara Sukandar, Sustainability Director of Responsible Care® Indonesia, highlighted the educational work YYADU has done since its launch in 2019 during his presentation. Danone Indonesia, having provided a lot of support for plastic recyclers in the SME sector, presented its roadmap to reducing waste as a manufacturer.

attendees at conference

The seminar recorded an attendance of 24 journalists from online, print and TV media, 16 government officials and 22 members of the community and education sector in Indonesia. 25 different media groups participated in the event.

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