Trinseo | Trinseo + COMMUNITY: Hsinchu Plant's Donation in Support of World Vision Taiwan
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Corporate News

December 17, 2018

Trinseo + COMMUNITY: Hsinchu Plant's Donation in Support of World Vision Taiwan

Trinseo Hsinchu plant worked with World Vision Taiwan this year and made a donation to support its “Fullness of Life Program.” The program aims at caring for the underprivileged children, development of family function and community livelihood, training of cultural intelligence, as well as protection of child rights. Specifically, the donation was used to sponsor activities for schoolchildren (such as choir training of Atayal traditional songs, summer/winter camps, etc.) to learn how to understand and respect other people’s culture, and to build the positive value of confidence and courage.

Apart from making donations to support children of the remote area of the Hsinchu County, on August 11, 2018, Trinseo Hsinchu developed a one-day music summer camp packed with professional music training, music knowledge-delivery session, etc. The event broadened the children’s horizon, giving them an opportunity to present their singing skills, and helped boost their confidence. A total of 21 Trinseo Hsinchu employees and family members joined the event, sang songs with the children, and cooked lunch with them – a wonderful day to share joy and happiness, bringing lots of fun and good memories.

A few days after the event, Trinseo Hsinchu received many thank you cards from the children, which touched everyone’s hearts. Stay tuned as we will share another story in the near future.

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