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May 15, 2018

Trinseo Attends a Customer’s Media Event in Indonesia

Kemasan in Bahasa Indonesia, the official language in Indonesia, means “packaging.” Kemasan Group has been a customer of Trinseo since the company established its first manufacturing facility in Indonesia in 2010.

Lately there has been some concern in Indonesia about polystyrene foam (PS foam) food packaging and its impacts to people’s health and the environment. PT Kemasan Cipta Utama, a subsidiary of Kemasan Group, invited the media to attend expert presentations followed by a factory visit at the Kemasan plant in Karawang, Indonesia on May 2, 2018. Trinseo personnel was also invited.

Manufacturing Polystyrene Foam Packaging

Thirty-four members of the online, newspapers, magazines, and TV media attended the event. Mr. Wahyudi Sulistya, Director of Kemasan Group, presented to the attending media the production process involved in making PS foam products. He also discussed the economic facts of PS foam, including the use of few resources in manufacturing (PS foam contains 90 – 95 percent air), ease in processing, as well as PS foam’s inborn properties of being a safe, clean, hygienic, lightweight, economical, and more importantly, a recyclable material.

The guest speaker, Professor Akhmad Zainal Abidin, M.Sc., Ph.D, Scientist/Researcher from Laboratory Technology Polimer and Membrane of Institute of Technology, Bandung, then provided an expert presentation with more scientific facts in support of the theme of the event.

Manufacturing Polystyrene Foam Packaging

After the presentations, the participating media and representatives from Trinseo attended a guided tour of the Kemasan manufacturing facilities and witnessed the processes of both the production and waste recycling of PS foam.

The tour was an eye-opener to all those attended who could now relay the information presented on presentation slides with the “manufacturing in action.” It is through information exchange platforms such as this, together with the support of scientific facts by expert presenters that enable the media to provide a clearer picture to the general public.

Manufacturing Polystyrene Foam Packaging