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July 10, 2019

TRINSEO + COMMUNITY - Get to Know More about Polystyrene Foam for the Good of Humanity and the Environment

At Trinseo, sustainability and corporate social responsibility are intrinsic to who we are. Our portfolio contains products that enable customers to create more sustainable solutions for reducing energy usage, enhancing safety, improving durability, and conserving natural resources. For over 80 years, Trinseo has continuously evolved the outstanding versatility of its polystyrene (PS) polymers portfolio to provide a strong option for diverse applications, food service included, in a wide range of end-markets.

To this end, on June 26, 2019, PT Trinseo Materials Indonesia joined forces with PT Kemasan Cipta Utama, a major PS foam food packaging manufacturer, and organized an event, “Get to Know More about Polystyrene Foam for the Good of Humanity and the Environment” in Karawang, West Java, Indonesia. During the event, technical presentations and a factory tour were organized for the environmental communities in Jakarta, Bandung and Karawang, chemistry faculties and students of University of Singaperbangsa Karawang, as well as the media.

Speakers at the event included:

The event commenced with welcome remarks by Mr. Sukandar, in which Trinseo’s sustainability efforts, such as its commitment in Operation Clean Sweep, Styrenics Circular Solutions, Trinseo Volunteer Days and the provision of sustainable material solutions, such as Post-Consumer Recycled Polycarbonate resins and bio-degradable / bio-based plastics, as well as the revolutionary, infinite recyclability of PS, were highlighted. 

The first technical presentation was delivered by Mr. Sulistya. He described how PS foam food packaging is made. He also explained why this manufacturing food packaging process, when compared to processes of other materials, involved reduced energy usage and conserved natural resources - but at the same time delivered products with unsurpassed insulation and improved durability properties. 

The technical presentation that followed was made by Professor Abidin. He shared with the participants scientific facts such as the composition of PS foam (95 percent air, thus minimizing transportation costs and damage rates), its insulation property that contributes to food safety, its being considered safe for food contact application, and its recyclability. PS foam packaging is popular because it has the right performance with an inexpensive price tag when compared to other alternatives.

Mr. Hoesein presented that one of ADUPI’s goals was to create a waste management system that could fund itself. ADUPI believes that all waste has some economic value. Managing waste well will ensure there will be new business opportunities instead of problems. 

The short factory tour further verified the discussion points elaborated by Mr. Sulistya during his presentation. Apart from achieving a better understanding of the ease in manufacturing PS foam for food packaging, participants also witnessed how the waste management system of Kemasan Group enabled all PS foam wastes to be recycled and reused, thus realizing a circular economy, an economic system aimed at minimizing waste and making the most of resources. 

A focus group discussion was held right after the factory tour, in which all participants brainstormed creative ideas on how to advocate and promote use and recycling of PS foam for the good of humanity and the environment. There was a consensus that responsible human behavior relating to waste disposal and a proper solid waste management system were of prime importance. In addition, the group suggested educating the general public to sort out their waste, and for the government to work with stakeholders, such as environmental communities, related institutions, the media, etc. to create the right civic culture in society.

Among the many doorstep interviews the media conducted at the end of the event, a national media in Indonesia asked an environmentalist the question of what she thought about the event. Her reply was, “I think this event is eye-opening. There are some facts that we don’t know about PS, but now we understand it more. And through this event, I hope we can start solving PS foam waste issues together for the good of our own environment.”


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