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December 14, 2020

Trinseo’s Self-Cross-Linking Latex Binders Provide Strength and Durability to Coated Abrasives

When looking for a binder for coated flexible abrasives, properties like strength, wear, and heat and solvent resistance are important to keep in mind to ensure the material's quality and longevity. Binders that are self-cross-linking lend themselves to perform better in these areas.

Latex Binders from Trinseo are an ideal material for coated abrasives, offering versatility for various grit coverage densities and coating layers. Trinseo’s newly expanded portfolio of self-cross-linking polymers provides a well-rounded selection of latex binders that can be used as a base coat to saturate and add strength to the backing material. The latex binders can also be combined with the main resin system to help adhere the abrasive grain to the surface, all while adding strength and high-temperature performance to various substrates.

Trinseo has over 70 years of production and R&D experience in latex binder chemistries. Our deep-rooted expertise has enabled the development of high-performance solutions that have excellent, low volatile organic compounds (VOC), low odor properties, as well as formaldehyde-free formulations that help customers meet sustainability requirements.

Depending on the specific polishing or sanding purpose, manufacturers require a variety of specific formulations to produce abrasives with the desirable performance properties for the job. Because Trinseo is a global supplier of plastics in addition to latex binders, customers also benefit from Trinseo’s breadth of expertise and collaborative approach to material solutions. Trinseo would be happy to provide technical guidance according to varying product needs.

Contact Ludwig Bullinger, our technical solution expert, today at +41 447183777, or click here to view Trinseo’s Fast Fact Sheet on Abrasives.