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June 29, 2020

Leader Blog: Sustainable Latex Binders Solution — LIGOS™ C 9467

The following was published on June 29, 2020 as a LinkedIn blog post by John Dockery, Senior Technical Sales Representative, Latex Binders, Trinseo.

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John Dockery, Senior Technical Sales Representative, Latex Binders, Trinseo

John Dockery, Senior Technical Sales Representative, Latex Binders

At Trinseo, we take our responsibility as a leader in coatings, adhesives, sealants, and elastomers (CASE) seriously. Part of that responsibility includes continually striving to bring new and better technologies to market to better serve not only our customers but also our planet. This spring, we introduced our first-ever low-to-zero volatile organic compound (VOC) capable latex, LIGOS™ C 9467, a binder for interior paints and painter’s caulk. The alkylphenol ethoxylate-free vinyl acrylic latex ensures maximum performance, including exceptional scrub resistance, touch up, and hiding performance, while also reducing the paint’s environmental impact. 

Reduced Environment Impact
Typical paints formulated with a high volume of solvents, most of which are classified as VOCs, negatively affect the environment, and may pose a health risk to people exposed. However, solvents are very effective at enabling paint to form a coherent film, which helps prevent staining and abrasion. So, reducing VOC content without compromising performance is key. LIGOS™ C 9467 offers contractors and homeowners both peace of mind and the ability to help the environment without having to settle for inferior quality.

Increased Demand
Due to an uptick in the housing market, there is currently a high demand for paint. Between houses turning over more frequently and more houses being built, architectural paints have been trending upward, and LIGOS™ C 9467 is ready to meet that need. 

While it is difficult to predict with any specificity the impact COVID-19 will have on the housing market, it is apparent that the drive for sustainable solutions remains strong. We’ve all noticed the decreased pollution worldwide as a result of reduced travel stemming from the global pandemic, and it has brought sustainability into the foreground for many. People may be even more committed now to lowering environmental impact across all industries.

Distinguishing Factors
In addition to outperforming similar products in scrub resistance, touch up performance, and temperature stability, LIGOS™ C 9467 has another edge on the competition — it is dual-purpose. LIGOS™ C 9467 can be used not only as a paint binder but also as a caulk for paint. For our customers who produce both products, this is a significant advantage that can cut down on materials, costs, storage needs, and other factors. 

Another part of what sets apart Trinseo’s low-to-zero VOC paint offering is our exceptional service and consistency. We have an ISO certification that supports our track record of making a product in spec multiple times without quality or consistency concerns. 

Sustainability is a continual force for innovation and a cornerstone of everything we do at Trinseo. LIGOS™ C 9467 is our latest advancement, but it is hardly our last. We look forward to maintaining an open dialogue with our customers as we continue to explore new technologies to meet ever-changing industry needs and solve for the complex materials challenges our customers must overcome.

If you’re interested in LIGOS™ C 9467 for your interior paint application, request a copy of Trinseo’s product presentation to view exclusive test results.

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