Trinseo | Trinseo Contributes to Editing and Formulating PCR PC Specifications for GB Standards in China
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Corporate News

April 25, 2021

Trinseo Contributes to Editing and Formulating PCR PC Specifications for GB Standards in China

Guobiao (GB) standards are national standards for all products and services in China. The National Technical Committee for Plastics Standardization in China recently announced the implementation of a document under the "Plastics - Recycled Plastics - Part 7 Polycarbonate (PC) materials” section of the GB standards. The initiative expands the scope of PC, allowing plastic waste to be collected and reused. Trinseo is proud to be a member of the drafting committee for the relevant GB standards, alongside other key market players.

In China, all products or services should comply with GB standards, and products sold in the country must be tested to ensure their compliance with GB standards, which are currently divided as mandatory or recommended categories. Mandatory standards have the force of law in China, to protect human health, personal property and safety.

Under the leadership of Larry Cheng, R&D Leader, Trinseo’s R&D team has made significant efforts in recent months to revise and formulate post-consumer recycled (PCR) specifications of PC feedstock for the GB standards, which will impact the supply of PCR resins, their importation, and closed loop initiatives. The sustainability strategy of many brand owners is to take back and recycle the PC materials of their own gadgets and to ensure that Post Industrial Recycled plastics are reused to close the loop.

“We are delighted that the authority in China values our professional advice. Trinseo is pleased to work with like-minded industry peers to bring our expertise in material solutions and make a real contribution to sustainability and the circular economy,” said Cheng.

Trinseo believes it is important to participate and contribute to the development of recycled plastics and technologies in China and beyond. This is also in line with Trinseo’s sustainability goals, which focus on a sustainable product portfolio.