Trinseo | City Government of Tegal, Indonesia Joins Trinseo’s Let’s Do Recycling! Program as an Organizer
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February 17, 2021

City Government of Tegal, Indonesia Joins Trinseo’s Let’s Do Recycling! Program as an Organizer

Trinseo (NYSE: TSE), a global materials solutions provider and manufacturer of plastics, latex binders and synthetic rubber announces today that the City Government of Tegal, Indonesia is officially joining Trinseo’s Let’s Do Recycling! Program (LDRP) as an organizer, adding further momentum to the concerted efforts in unlocking circularity. While the other founder of the LDRP is Kemasan Group, supporting organizations include The Indonesian Olefin, Aromatic and Plastic Industry Association, Indonesian Plastic Recycling Association, Indonesian Scavenger Association, and Responsible Care® Indonesia.

In an effort to overcome an overwhelming amount of waste, Tegal City has started implementing an end-to-end waste management pilot program. A polystyrene compactor machine was installed in March 2020, followed by a waste predator machine in its purposely built Tegal City Waste Management Center, the first of its kind in Indonesia. Hanggara Sukandar, is President Director of PT Trinseo Materials Indonesia, Director of Sustainability Responsible Care® Indonesia and also performs the role of Consulting Director of Sustainability for the Tegal City Waste Management Center.

In September 2020, the LDRP premiered its first webinar of an educational waste management webinar series in Indonesia. Muhamad Jumadi, Deputy Mayor of Tegal, was invited to speak at a second webinar in December focusing on the topic, “Is Zero Landfill Achievable in Indonesia by Banning Single-use Plastics? Regional Government’s Role is Critical.” Jumadi believes that local governments play an essential role in harmonizing synergies in the handling of waste management across the private sector, government, and related communities.

“We are honored to welcome the City Government of Tegal onboard the meaningful Let’s Do Recycling! Program in Indonesia. The collaboration is a perfect example in illustrating that by concerted efforts such as this, we are helping to close the loop for a circular economy in Indonesia and beyond. We are painting a bigger picture through the synergy across the value chain,” said Nicolas Joly, Trinseo’s Vice President of Plastics & Feedstocks and President, Styrenics Circular Solutions, a joint industry initiative and the unified, driving force behind the acceleration of styrenics recycling through innovative technologies and partner-driven solutions.

Wahyudi Sulistya, Director of Kemasan Group emphasized the importance of recycling plastic wastes as they are of high economic value. To that end, the Kemasan Group has donated one unit of PS compactor machine and one unit of waste predator machine, the latter with a capacity of processing 20 tons of wet waste every day, to the Tegal City waste management center.

H. Dedy Yon Supriyono, S.E., M.M., the Mayor of Tegal, said, “We are committed to managing waste through synergies with related stakeholders through a waste recycling program to drive a circular economy.”

Commemorating Indonesia’s National Waste Awareness Day on February 21 this year (with a theme related to circular economy), a virtual inauguration ceremony of the Tegal City Waste Management Center has been scheduled for February 24, 2021.

About Trinseo
Trinseo (NYSE:TSE) is a global materials solutions provider and manufacturer of plastics, latex binders, and synthetic rubber with a focus on delivering innovative, sustainable, and value-creating products that are intrinsic to our daily lives. Trinseo is dedicated to making a positive impact on society by partnering with like-minded stakeholders, and supporting the sustainability goals of our customers in a wide range of end-markets including automotive, consumer electronics, appliances, medical devices, packaging, footwear, carpet, paper and board, building and construction, and tires. Trinseo had approximately $3.0 billion in net sales in 2020, with 17 manufacturing sites around the world, and approximately 2,600 employees. For more information, please visit:

About Let’s Do Recycling! Program
The Let’s Do Recycling! program was launched in 2019 with the initial aim of advocating for the use and recycling of polystyrene (PS, also better known as Styrofoam in Indonesia), a food packaging material that can be recycled without limits, is safe and sustainable, through an alliance of producers, restaurants, consumers, waste collection and recycling associations, and other stakeholders in various communities in Indonesia, help reduce plastic waste. This is realized by working with the authorities, other organizing partners, support organizations, and stakeholders to achieve the best we can in a circular economy.