Trinseo | Trinseo + COMMUNITY – Merak Employees Provide Food Donations During Pandemic
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June 10, 2021

Trinseo + COMMUNITY – Merak Employees Provide Food Donations During Pandemic

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many Indonesian workers suffered from job loss or underemployment because of pandemic-related impacts across industries, including agriculture and health care. Witnessing the direct impact of the pandemic, Trinseo’s Merak, Indonesia plant stepped in to help the local community in need. Beginning in May 2021, Trinseo employees focused their efforts on serving the underprivileged and orphan children facing food insecurity.

Trinseo Merak collaborated with neighboring companies to donate 500 kg of rice – a staple food for Indonesian families as rice serves as the base of many meals while providing important nutrition for the body. The chief of the village collected and distributed the donation throughout the community.

During Ramadan, an annual occasion observed by Muslims worldwide as a month of fasting, reflection and community, Trinseo Merak continued to send snacks and soft drinks to Police Officers and public service workers who continue to work around the clock monitoring zoning restrictions in place due to COVID-19. Trinseo is grateful for their service and dedication!

Giving back to the communities we serve is intrinsic to who we are as an organization. Trinseo Merak’s contribution highlights when people come together for a greater good, no matter how small, we can collectively meet the needs of communities where they live and work, and as a result, create an impact that is successful and far-reaching.

To learn more about Trinseo’s corporate citizenship efforts, visit our Corporate Citizenship page.