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November 22, 2021

Trinseo Zhangjiagang Promotes a “Low Carbon, Green Life”

Each year all Trinseo global offices and sites organize Trinseo Volunteer day activities. This year, on September 19, to promote a low carbon green life, Trinseo Zhangjiagang employees and their families walked five kilometers to express their support for the environment and to encourage citizens from the local community to join them along the way.

Trinseo Zhangjiagang Participates in 5KTrinseo Zhangjiagang Participates in 5K

There are many small actions we can take to help protect the environment. Instead of using traditional means of transportation, biking and walking as much as possible were advocated for by Trinseo Zhangjiagang. They stressed the benefits of biking and walking to each individual, because good exercise makes us all healthier. To care for planet earth, we should all actively advocate and practice a low carbon lifestyle, limiting our fuel consumption and focusing on fuel-efficiency. For distances that are not accessible by bike or foot, we should use more public transportation instead of private cars. The day was spent attempting to persuade more and more people from the local community to consider these factors with a renewed focus on environmental protection.

To learn more about Trinseo's corporate citizenship efforts, visit our Corporate Citizenship page.