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Corporate News

December 18, 2022

Trinseo Indonesia Cares & Shares at Volunteer Day Events

Due to climate change, Jakarta, Indonesia is one of the fastest-sinking cities in the world. As sea levels continue to rise at an alarming rate, protecting the shorelines of coastal cities is crucial to preventing the sea from overtaking communities. To help protect Jakarta’s ever-crucial shoreline, 13 employees of Trinseo’s Jakarta office participated in planting mangrove tree seedlings at the estuary of Pantai Indah Kapuk Jakarta on October 13, 2022. Because of their dense root systems, these mangrove trees will stabilize the coastline, preventing erosion while also providing a natural infrastructure to protect nearby populated areas.

Around one hundred kilometers to the west, Trinseo’s Merak site has continuously kept their focus on improving education in the local community. On November 5, the site carried out painting, cleaning, and general repairs of the Elementary School Gerem III, Grogol Merak. Solid teamwork and coordination between Trinseo staff, contractors, and school faculty won big smiles and thanks from students who now have new, colorful classrooms.

Utilizing their time and effort, staff members of both two Trinseo locations in Indonesia work hand-in-hand to care for their local communities.