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July 5, 2023

MMAtwo Team Receives the “Innovation Team Best Practices 2023” Award

On June 8, 2023, the MMAtwo consortium with Heathland (a Trinseo company) as the coordinator, received the “Innovation Team Best Practices 2023” Award during the award ceremony held in Paris, France.

Heathland is a collector and recycler of PolyMethylMethAcrylate (PMMA) waste. PMMA is collected, sorted and mechanically recycled into raw materials for different types of acrylic products, or, as was the case in MMAtwo, chemically recycled into high quality MMA. Heathland was the coordinator of the MMAtwo consortium, a Horizon 2020 project that ran between 2018-2022. Its responsibilities included the coordination and management of the MMAtwo project, the presidency of the General Assembly, the collection and pretreatment of PMMA waste, to provide equipment for the depolymerization process and the exploitation of the MMAtwo technology and process in one or more PMMA waste recycling plants.

The “Innovation Team Best Practices 2023” is awarded by

  • the Paris Club of Directors of Innovation
  • the European Institute for Creative Strategies and Innovation
  • the Sorbonne School of Economics, Sorbonne University
  • the Entrepreneurship, Territory and Innovation Chair of the University of Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne

receiving award
Florent Pratlong (Director of the Sorbonne School of Management), Adrien Lepesqueux, Victor François, Jean-Luc Dubois (Trinseo’s Principal Scientist), Maud Bossard, Robin Ronceray & Sylvie Borzakian (General Director of Paris Club of Directors of Innovation) at the ceremony

Innovation Team Best Practices award was created in 2017 to celebrate teams that share the same dream or the same vision, take the initiative, get out of the routine to carry out their projects and combine their talents. The trophies are intended for teams that have designed and carried out exemplary innovation projects at the service of individuals and society. The presentation of projects and teams included the followings: industry, services, public services, research and Innovation management.

Funded under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program, the MMAtwo Project aims at constructing a novel and fast growing PMMA recycling value chain for PMMA depolymerization, based on the production of “Second Generation MethylMethAcrylate (MMA)” from post-consumer and post-industrial PMMA based products.

Congratulations to the Heathland and Trinseo team!

Click here to view the original press release of MMAtwo on the award, and click here for a video of the award ceremony (in French only - 1:25:00).

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