Trinseo Participates in PCF Platform Rollout Workshop at Eviden Headquarters

Trinseo Participates in PCF Platform Rollout Workshop at Eviden Headquarters

Trinseo's Julien Renvoise, Sustainability Business Development Leader, and Leticia Rodríguez Basset, Circular Economy Tools Specialist, participated in a Product Carbon Footprint (PCF) platform rollout workshop hosted by Eviden (previously ATOS) on July 4, 2023. Carbon Minds, who drives evidence-based decision making within the chemical industry, and BASF also attended the onsite workshop.

image of team members in meeting room image of team members in meeting room 

The objectives of the workshop were to strengthen relationships, find collaborative approaches to address upcoming challenges, and take note of up-to-date achievements. Project updates related to collaborative efforts between Trinseo and Eviden were also discussed, including information related to data quality checks, IT setups, a planned meeting for a PCF live demo with Trinseo stakeholders next month and a planned event with Trinseo leadership later this year.

Renvoise described the event as a collective intelligence gathering effort to create a more sustainable chemical industry.

Trinseo started the journey of evaluating automated PCF systems in 2022 with a pilot of the Eviden digital platform. PCF provides a scientific lens for Trinseo and their customers to understand the carbon footprint of a bio-based, bio-attributed or recycled-content containing product, while comparing it to conventional benchmarking materials. This provides subjective and transparent data that allows for more informed decisions.

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