Trinseo Solutions for Mobility at PIAE 2023

PIAE 2023

Trinseo Solutions for Mobility

As your partner in mobility, Trinseo is the specialty solutions provider that can help you meet your challenges and innovate in material and application design. We use our expertise in high-performance specialty plastics to address key priorities in the automotive industry — such as decarbonization, electrification, car sharing, battery range extension, and sustainable design through material and paint replacement.

With a broad range of materials ranging from our flagship MAGNUM™ ABS to our high-performance PULSE™ PC/ABS Engineering Resins to ALTUGLAS™ Acrylics, Trinseo keeps customers ahead of the curve. We provide technical and application development expertise to support our product development and design efforts in every region, ensuring successful production of future-oriented automotive applications. These capabilities have allowed us to maintain decades-long relationships with global customers as they address critical industry challenges.


Trinseo’s established MAGNUM™ ABS resin for automotive applications was made available in a more sustainable version: MAGNUM™ ABS BIO. During polymerization, fossil-based polymers are combined with renewable raw materials according to a mass balance process (ISCC+).

Because the renewable raw materials become identical in chemical composition to their fossil-based counterparts during feedstock cracking, segregation during manufacturing is unnecessary. The material is structurally and functionally the same as its fossil-based counterpart and can be used with existing tooling and equipment under the same processing conditions, meaning there is no need for requalification, all while offering a significantly lower CO2 footprint.

Trinseo is proud to introduce an updated version MAGNUM BIO ABS, with up to 95% bio-attributed content, and a 92% product carbon footprint (PCF) reduction compared to the all-prime equivalent.


ALTUGLAS™ R-Life V825T is a family of sustainably advantaged injection molding grade acrylics with broad applicability in the automotive industry and beyond, available in clear, red, and black. The resins are available with either chemically or mechanically recycled feedstock and offer outstanding optical properties, UV stability, scratch resistance and colorability in line with their all-prime equivalents. ALTUGLAS™ R-Life V825T is offered with a minimum of 35% recyclate for mechanical recycling, and a minimum of 50% recyclate for chemical recycling.

Typical Characteristics:

  • Optical quality (high light-transmittance)
  • Highest clarity, colorless: best solution for thick wall applications
  • High weathering and UV resistance (no need of coating)
  • Low weight (50% lighter than glass)
  • Easy to process (injection molding, extrusion)
  • The product has the potential to be recycled multiple times

Suitable Aplications:

  • Optical Light guides
  • Automotive lighting
  • Instrument cluster covers
  • Optical lenses
  • Displays
  • Interior & Exterior trims
  • Logos, emblems etc.

Our global reach, talented employees, and technological innovation make Trinseo your future-oriented solutions provider. So, save the date and join us at 2023 VDI PIAE – booth D50, on June 21-22!


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