Solution-Styrene Butadiene Rubber (S-SBR)

Trinseo offers a variety of solution-styrene butadiene rubber (S-SBR) products, including our proprietary SPRINTAN™ Rubber portfolio, to enhance and expand the potential for S-SBR in the marketplace. 

Trinseo’s polymerized S-SBR, produced by anionic batch polymerization, is available in a wide variety of styrene and vinyl contents.

For use in high-performance tires, our S-SBR products provide an excellent balance between wet grip, low rolling resistance, and abrasion resistance in silica and carbon black compounds. They are also used for the manufacture of high-quality industrial rubber goods.

Additionally, Trinseo’s multi-generation, proprietary functionalization technology – our series of SPRINTAN™ Rubber – allows tire producers to expand the “magic triangle” (wet grip, rolling resistance, and abrasion resistance) without making trade-offs among those three key properties. SPRINTAN™ Rubber is a key enabler for tire makers to upgrade their tire line with the objective of achieving the best rating according to the tire labeling (A-A).

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