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ALTUGLAS™ Dual Satin and Mono Satin

ALTUGLAS™ Dual Satin and Mono Satin

Matte & Satin Acrylic Sheets: ALTUGLAS™ Dual Satin and Mono Satin

Two versions with a peach skin effect that invite you to touch. Used with light, these extremely soft ranges diffuse colors beautifully. Their special surfaces protect against scratches and fingerprints.

ALTUGLAS™ Dual Satin

ALTUGLAS™ Dual Satin acrylic sheets offer a satin appearance on both sides to play with the internal and external light, and an astonishingly nice and smooth feel to the touch. The ALTUGLAS™ Dual Satin surface shows no fingerprint marks. This range has been created to enhance any type display units, holders, windows and indoor fittings.

ALTUGLAS™ Mono Satin

The ALTUGLAS™ Mono Satin acrylic sheets present one matt surface to beautify your display units, stands, window displays, interior design, signs and more. This matt surface combined with a wide range of colours will make your creations unique. ALTUGLAS™Mono Satin can be used with LED. Soft to the touch!

Save energy costs with our LED System technology

Our acrylic sheets offer exceptional light transmission enhanced by LED lighting. Aware of current environmental conditions, Trinseo has developed an acrylic sheet grade called LED System, which allows a significant reduction in energy costs. Our LED System sheets allow lighting of the same quality as a conventional system while using fewer LEDs or less powerful LEDs.

LED System technology is available for ALTUGLAS™ Mono Satin LED System Opal, LED System Yellow / Red / Pink / Blue / Green / Orange products.

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  • Automotive and transportation
  • Building and construction
  • Consumer goods

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