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OROGLAS™ Aquarelle Products

A favorite among designers who like to combine these seven brilliant colors to create original lighting effects. Perfect for design, furniture, displays, interior decoration.

OROGLAS™ Aquarelle Products

Reference   Description Light Transmission   PMS 
800 03120  Transparent, Glossy 63%  109/ RAL 1023


 Reference  Description  Light Transmission   PMS
 800 01170  Transparent, Glossy  35%  193



 Reference Description   Light Transmission   PMS
 800 01180 Transparent, Glossy  30%   194


Reference   Description   Light Transmission  PMS 
800 02170  Transparent, Glossy  57% 300


 Reference Description  Light Transmission  PMS 
 800 02230 Transparent, Glossy  27%  n/a



Reference  Description  Light Transmission PMS
800 04040 Transparent, Glossy   84% 344




Reference  Description  Light Transmission  PMS 
 800 04150 Transparent, Glossy  11% n/a 


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