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OROGLAS™ Opalescent HLT

OROGLAS™ Opalescent HLT range is an acrylic sheet that combines impressive coverage with powerful light transmission.

This unique sheet remains completely neutral, not influencing the color of the light it diffuses, with or without a light source. This product is specifically designed for the decoration market (lighting, design, etc.). Custom colors are available and can be specially formulated on demand by our color specialists.

The homogeneous white opal light and optical properties are guaranteed whatever the thickness is (available from 3 mm to 25mm and in 30mm block). This grade can also be made in any color in satin or glossy surface.

OROGLAS™ Opalescent HLT

Luminescent Acrylic Sheet for Lighting Designers

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OROGLAS™ Opalescent HLT Products




Light Transmission

800 00085

Transparent, Glossy


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