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ALTUGLAS™ Acrylic Cast Sheets

ALTUGLAS™ and OROGLAS™ in Europe and Asia Pacific

A Wide Range of PMMA Cast Acrylic Sheets to Meet Your Needs

With a focus on innovation and sustainability, Trinseo delivers premium polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) cast sheets under the brand names ALTUGLAS™ and OROGLAS™ to a broad range of markets.

Produced in St-Avold, France, our teams collaborate with you to choose the ALTUGLAS™ cast sheet grade that best fits your design, depending on the display properties and weather resistance you require. ALTUGLAS™ Cast Acrylic Sheets provide superior performance and aesthetics, making it a material of choice for architects, designers, and manufacturers. Our acrylic glass is available in a wide array of colors and surface effects to deliver on your unique needs and are compliant with the ISO 7823-1:2003 standard.

Supporting a circular economy strategy, our ALTUGLAS™ R-Life grade cast acrylic sheet is made with 100% chemical recycled methyl methacrylate (rMMA) monomer. Our PMMA solutions can help you advance your sustainability goals.

ALTUGLAS™ Cast Acrylic Sheets also has sanitary grades for bathtubs, shower trays, vanity basins, and other sanitary appliances. Our cast process produces a very smooth surface finish and delivers enhanced thermal, chemical, and mechanical resistance.

A leading global partner, Trinseo brings deep materials expertise and cutting-edge technologies to the table. We bring over 50 years of experience to Europe and North Africa under our OROGLAS™ product portfolio. A limited distribution brand, our team of committed experts are dedicated to seeing your projects through from start to finish.

Our portfolio of PMMA products can drive your innovation. We continually innovate to develop specialty solutions that empower your creative design ideas.


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