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From standard grades to high-end and technical materials, our complete ALTUGLAS™ polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) resin portfolio meets ever higher standards for resistance to UV rays, impact, scratches, chemical factors, and temperature. Trinseo works closely with your team to deliver solutions that allow for exceptional design flexibility, premium aesthetics, and easy processing for injection molding or extrusion processes.

ALTUGLAS™ acrylic resins offer a broad range of light management grades and key properties designed to enhance even the most challenging applications in the automotive, appliance, lighting, building and construction, and consumer goods industries. Combining technical performance, such as high heat resistance, with the outstanding optical performance of PMMA, Trinseo’s range of ALTUGLAS™ solutions gives you the freedom to create.

ALTUGLAS™ Resins for All Your Needs

Chemical Resistance

Our portfolio of chemical resistant PMMA combines the advantages of acrylic with the properties to stand up against damaging agents to extend material lifespan. We offer glossy and textured versions to meet your design needs.

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General Purpose

Standard clear ALTUGLAS™ acrylic resins exhibit key properties that make them the industry standard for applications needing a combination of high transparency and gloss along with UV and scratch resistance.

Heat Resistance

Our pure ALTUGLAS™ acrylic resin for injection and extrusion exhibits the greatest heat resistance on the market. It is the material of choice for optical and aesthetical applications requiring thermal resistance combined with outstanding UV (AMECA certification) and scratch resistance.


High Impact

ALTUGLAS™ acrylic resins offer exceptional impact resistance combined with PMMA optical properties for a high-quality look. Available in variations to match the desired flow and thermal resistance levels.

Lighting Performance

Our acrylic LED lighting solutions include materials that are diffusive or reflective, feature smart optical effects, and can provide an opalescent appearance or high heat resistance.

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ALTUGLAS™ medical grade resins provide superior optical transparency combined with outstanding bonding characteristics, scratch resistance, and sterilization recovery. Excellent ethyl/isopropyl alcohol and lipid resistance.


We offer ALTUGLAS™ acrylic resins specifically designed to optimize color neutrality and light transmission, even through Long Path Length (LPL) optics and extreme shapes. Our PMMA exhibits excellent optical and color stability under high heat exposure during processing and lifetime thermal exposure in use.


Surface Effect

ALTUGLAS™ acrylic resins for surface effects give various substrates – like Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) or Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) – traditional PMMA properties like UV and scratch resistance, combined with additional surface structuration. Enhance aesthetics and surface protection for applications in agriculture, building and construction, and beyond.

Typical and Specific Colors

ALTUGLAS™ resins provide great design freedom, offering a wide variety of clear and opaque colors with excellent weatherability for many outdoor applications including automotive, general lighting, and building and construction.

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Ultra UV Resistance

ALTUGLAS™ acrylic resins are known for their intrinsic UV resistance. However, for applications where PMMA needs to protect other materials like colored PVC or ABS from UV rays, UV-blocking PMMA is required. Our specialty UV Protection (UVP) range resins feature greater UV resistance for capstock applications such as window profiles, gutters, paddle boards, caravans, electric cars, roofing, and decking.

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