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PULSE™ ECO Series Resins

Rethinking raw materials, Trinseo’s PULSE™ ECO PC/ABS delivers quality, consistency, and design advantages for automakers targeting sustainability by offering a proven, lower carbon footprint.

Trinseo’s PULSE™ ECO PC/ABS Resins is a portfolio of recycled content-containing PC/ABS for automotive applications. The material can be formulated with between 30 and 50 percent recycled content -- as PULSE™ GX50 ECO and PULSE™ GX70 ECO -- and combines MAGNUM™ ABS Resins.

Developed using Trinseo’s exclusive PULSE™ GX technology, the new ECO material comes with strong technical features, including superior flow properties, low temperature ductility, and low density. Material performance is comparable to its all-virgin equivalent.

Because the material contains Trinseo MAGNUM™ ABS, inherently, it has low volatile organic compounds (VOC.) This property makes it ideal for automotive interior applications such as mid/floor consoles, instrument panels, and pillars.

Lifecycle analysis (LCA) has proven a favorable environmental impact. LCA compared the difference in carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and water and energy consumption to that of virgin materials and in all cases, Trinseo’s PULSE™ ECO was a more sustainable solution, with up to 48 percent less energy and 39 percent lower water consumption and 39 percent less global warming potential.


The material meets major OEM specifications for PC/ABS while its lower density results in up to three percent more parts per ton vs competitive materials. It extends Trinseo’s portfolio of ECO materials made.

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