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TIVILON™ TPV Compounds

TIVILON™ TPV Compounds offer high elasticity at low and high temperatures, excellent compression set, UV resistance, and high melt flow.

TIVILON™ is a family of TPE products based on dynamically Vulcanized Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPVs). The first generation of TPVs were developed to replace thermoset rubber, cost-efficiently providing great performance and a fully recyclable product. For TIVILON™ grades, we have modified the basic TPV structure by adding a range of new thermoplastic elastomers so as to enhance performance and add to its unique characteristics. Compared to previous TPV generations, TIVILON™ offers improved tensile strength, increased stretch, and tear resistance, and is available in a wide range of hardnesses.

Made from a cross-linked rubber of EPDM dynamically dispersed in a polyolefin thermoplastic matrix, TIVILON™ displays properties similar to those of vulcanized rubber whilst maintaining full recyclability. The development of customized TIVILON™ grades highlights other impressive features of this product such as resistance to scratches, chemicals and solvents, ignition resistance, increased resistance to thermal aging and the possibility of a wide range of colors.

The improved processability of the TIVILON™ range means that it is easier to transform for injection molding or extrusion compared to traditional TPV products. TIVILON™ is particularly well-suited to bonding with other materials for co-injection and co-extrusion with polyolefins and their compounds. We offer TIVILON™ for various markets such as agriculture, automotive, building and construction, fashion and footwear, medical, sporting goods, and packaging.

Main technical characteristics of TIVILON™ TPV Compounds are:

  • Good hardness range: 30 ShA – 60 ShD
  • Usage range from -40°C up to 130°C (depending on the grade)
  • Good compression set over a large temperature interval
  • Good resistance to UV and thermal aging
  • *Recyclability

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*According to the Association of Plastic Recyclers definition, which is based on OECD guideline and based on the data of LIFE16 ENV/ES00254 project of the European Union

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