Building Value Through Sustainable Operations

Trinseo is dedicated to providing specialty and sustainable materials that meet customers’ unique needs. As we continue to transform, we are committed to innovating in support of our Sustainability Goals as a leading global solutions company and manufacturer of diverse materials.

In order to meet the unique needs of our customers, Trinseo utilizes customer interviews and surveys to gauge how we can continue to deliver value. These interviews, which were conducted both in-person and virtually throughout 2021 due to the pandemic, provide key insights into how we can invest in our future by understanding market trends and establishing customer satisfaction.

The Company continues to seek organic growth through expansion into key markets as guided by our mission and values, as well as industry trends and risk opportunities. These strategic capital investments target technologies and solutions that meet the evolving needs of our customers by providing innovative products that advance our technological and development capabilities to create specialty grades, new and sustainable products, and technologically differentiated formulations.

Supply Chain & Procurement

Through our distinct commitment to applying the principles of Trinseo’s Code of Business Conduct and related policies to our suppliers through Trinseo’s Supplier Code of Conduct, contractual provisions, and supplier assessment and selection processes, we require that our suppliers meet comparable ESG requirements.

In 2021, we hired Beroe, Inc. in order to have a centralized system to analyze and evaluate suppliers. As part of this, we now assess our top 1,500 suppliers on key attributes that are standardized in the Trinseo Supplier Code of Conduct.

Ethics & Compliance

We take great care to support proper administration of the Trinseo Ethics and Compliance Program. Trinseo encourages employees to report any known or suspected ethical or legal violations, and clearly communicates its zero tolerance and disciplinary action for any retaliation against a person who reports in good faith. Trinseo employees can report violations in a wide range of languages through our ethics compliance hotline that allows anonymous reporting via phone or email for individuals inside or outside the Company and is contracted through NAVEX Global.

Ethics and Compliance training is required of all Trinseo employees on a regular basis and is administered through a web-based portal that is available in 13 languages. Further training is conducted in person, and additional modules pertaining to ethics and compliance topics have been periodically added.

Human Rights & Modern Slavery

All people deserve respect for their dignity, rights, and ambitions. At Trinseo, this is an intrinsic part of our business excellence. Trinseo is committed to improving our practices to combat slavery and human trafficking in our supply chains or businesses. We have zero tolerance to slavery and human trafficking. Trinseo’s due diligence processes to identify and mitigate risk of human trafficking. As of 2021, this includes a specific training program on Human Trafficking to educate relevant staff.

Trinseo has provided Code of Business Conduct training to its employees with respect to the code and its supporting policies. The Supplier Code of Conduct, as well as Trinseo's Code of Business Conduct, encourages employees and business partners to report any violations of the code to the confidential hotline.


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