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Thought Leadership

January 29, 2021

EV charging stations benefit from Trinseo's PC and PC blends

Increasing demand for EV charging infrastructure

Nearly every major automotive OEM has plans to launch an electrical vehicle (EV) in the near future. Experts predict EV sales will grow from 2.7 million vehicle sales in 2014 to 6.4 million in 2023. Governmental subsidies and regulations have caused automakers to develop and promote plug-in hybrid and battery-powered vehicles facilitating to create a more sustainable environment.

As a result, we see an increased demand for a wide-spread and reliable charging infrastructure of residential and public charging stations as well as charging modules like coupler applications. With our EMERGE™ Advanced Resins we already can offer a wide range from plastics developed to address known industry needs to highly customized solutions.

Typical requirements for EV charging stations and modules"

  • Protection against vandalism
  • List item
  • Flame-retardancy (UL 94) 
  • High impact performance down to -60°C
  • Light weight compared with metal
  • Transparent and opaque materials in wide range of colors
  • Weather resistance to the most extreme outdoor conditions

EMERGE™ PC and PC/ABS resins for residential charging stations

Mainly located in private garages or carports, residential charging stations are designed for minor exposure to harsh environmental conditions, like in private garages or carports. Our EMERGE™ PC and PC/ABS resins offer design freedom and high-quality aesthetics together with the specific technical properties to meet the varying requirements of residential charging stations. EMERGE™ PC 8701HH Advanced Resin is a medium flow PC resin intended for injection molding applications. It is ignition-resistant, glass reinforced, without any bromine, chlorine, or phosphate additives.

Our EMERGE™ PC 8410-15 Advanced Resin provides ignition resistancy and is available transparent or multiple opaque colors. It combines good mechanical and high-heat properties maintaining excellent processability. The PC resin meets the German norm DIN VDE-0472/Part 815 on halogens.

The enhanced chemical resistant, high impact PC/ABS blend EMERGE™ PC/ABS 7710 Advanced Resin offers superior processability for injection molding applications, excellent aesthetics, and is available in custom opaque colors.

EMERGE™ PC/Si X92705.00 for public charging stations

Outdoor public charging stations are installed in strategic locations throughout our cities. In addition to the materials positioned for residential charging stations, Trinseo offers a range of polycarbonate copolymer resins.

Our EMERGE™ Advanced Resins offer excellent impact retention under extreme weather conditions avoiding the need for lacquering or painting. The very easy processing and demolding resins are available in wide selection of opaque colors, providing design freedom and excellent aesthetics.

Mercedes part
Our partner ABL uses Trinseo’s EMERGE™ PC/Si X92705.00 to produce the back panel of EV charging stations.

EMERGE™ PC/PET Advanced Resins for coupler applications

Coupler housings of EV charging modules have to protect the critical electric and communication connections from the charging station to the vehicle. Our EMERGE™ PC/PET Advanced Resins series combine heat and chemical resistance providing excellent electrical insulation properties, processability, and aesthetics. They are available with or without flame retardants and we offer versions with or without reinforcements allowing for low distortion and warpage of your application for outstanding dimensional control. A good material of choice for coupler applications for example is our EMERGE™ PC/PET 9500CR Advanced Resin, available in a wide range of colors.

With our focused approach we go beyond performance features and benefits of the resin and quantify desired end results, which include cost reduction, enhanced customer satisfaction, and improvement in both manufacturing/processability and product differentiation.

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