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January 29, 2021

Is Future Mobility the future of mobility?

One company attracts the greats of electro mobility

What do you do, when you are a barely new start-up with yet no product out on the market but with a vision for the future and a whole lot of money: You hire some of the most well-reputed minds of the automotive branch.

The hopes of the Chinese start-up company Future Mobility are high: They intend to build nothing but the world’s best electric vehicle. Founded and sponsored by one of China’s most valuable web service providers, Tencent, Future Mobility recently started to pick a team for this mission.

High-level BMW i and Tesla managers join Future Mobility

The new squad of the Hong Kong-based company will be led by new CEO Carsten Breitfeld, who used to be project leader of BMW i’s electro sports car BMW i8. Former chief-developer of the electric powertrain, Dirk Abendroth, leader of product management, Henrik Wenders, and head of the BMW i design, Benoit Jacob, will leave BMW as well to seek new challenges in China.

As per an anonymous source, the BMW i employees off duty will co-work with their formerly strongest competition: Marc Duchesne, director of Tesla's supply chain manufacturing and assembly engineering, is said to step in as vice-president of manufacturing. Whereas Tesla's senior vehicle engineering manager – Paul Thomas – reportedly becomes vice-president of engineering.

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