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January 29, 2021

MEGOL™ TPS-SEBS is the one-material-solution for Ford splash guards

Protection, safety, and aesthetics

Our longtime customer, Ford required a TPE single-component solution for the production of contoured splash guards for a range of Ford models: Kuga (C520), EcoSport (B515), Mondeo (CD391), Transit (V363), and Explorer (U502). Trinseo’s MEGOL™ DP2722/140UVI was the perfect match for this challenge.

Splash guards need to deflect mud, dirt, gravel, salt or ice of the lower body parts of a vehicle. This helps reduce road spray, avoid dirt on the vehicle's exterior, and protect painted surfaces from stone chips. Usually installed on the rear section of the wheel arch, they prevent the bulk of the spray or other particles picked up from the road, from being thrown on the windshield of a following vehicle. In addition, the flaps require easy installation and the contoured design needs to complement the car's styling lines and support an optimized air stream.

Image of MEGOL Ford mudguard partMEGOL™ DP2722/140UVI used as one-material-solution for Ford splash guards

Optimum balance between flexibility and stiffness

Our MEGOL™ TPE grades are typically based on SEBS and generally offer optimum hot and cold elasticity, UV and age resistance, low emissions and fogging, as well as a large processing window and high-quality looks and haptics. The right TPE solution for splash guards needs to be neutral to aggressive chemical environments and resistant to UV light. It needs to maintain its elasticity and stay stable in a temperature range from -40° C to 50° C.

Image of MEGOL Ford mudguard partMEGOL™ DP2722/140UVI exhibits an excellent impact strength at both high and low temperatures

Ford wanted to produce the splash guards in differently contoured shapes for five car models with a high-quality cost-efficient one-material-solution. Therefore, the TPE needed to provide an optimum combination of a specific rigidity and flexibility in a shore range from 93 Sh A to 40 Sh D. With its significant elastomeric content, MEGOL™ DP2722/140UVI offers this property. The TPS-SEBS grade met the challenging impact requirements for the mudguard which needs to resist stones or other hard objects splashing against the flap. MEGOL™ DP2722/140UVI exhibits an excellent impact strength at both  high and low temperatures with its flexural modulus of 140 MPa.

MEGOL™ DP2722/140UVI and the applications manufactured with our TPS-SEBS grade meet the Ford requirements for exterior applications and mud flaps (WSS M98P13-C). In particular, the requirements for artificial weathering (SAE J2527 3000h), scratch resistance (FLTM BO 162-01), and cold impact (OR-0020). MEGOL™ DP2722/140UVI could be easily processed to manufacture the variety of designs and allowed for easy coloring in Ford Black JA6A, Carbon Black YZ9, and Mid Gray. 

Image of MEGOL Ford mudguard partMEGOL™ DP2722/140UVI can be easily processed and allows for easy coloring

Our MEGOL™ TPS-SEBS grade provides also good adhesion onto PP materials when used for overmolding of exterior automotive parts. Another grade of the MEGOL™ product family, MEGOL™ DP2722/3/90UVI has obtained the Ford global ALS approval for a 2K application, a visible TPE wheel arch lip overmolded onto PP. As a result of our knowledge and expertise in overmolding, supported by our inhouse Specialized Overmolding Center (SOC), we are a renowned partner for cost-efficient high-performance TPE solutions. 

Download the brochure: Customized TPE Solu8tions for Automotive (available in English & Chinese)

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