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Thought Leadership

January 29, 2021

MEGOL™ TPS-SEBS material of choice for VW cup holders

Trust in experienced partners and successful materials

With the acquisition of API S.p.A., Trinseo expanded its rigid plastics materials portfolio to include innovative TPE solutions and the associated technology expertise. Our customer Volkswagen and tier 1 supplier BOS Group rely on the benefits of API's Styrene-Ethylene-Butylene-Styrene (SEBS) compound MEGOL™ to produce high-quality, soft-touch armrest cup holders.

Distributor A. Schulman was able to provide MEGOL™ HT1 55 SV/P UVR Black for the injection molding of the rear armrest cup holders in the current VW models Golf and Passat. The material is approved against the OEM's specifications VW 50123, VW 50180, and VW 2.8.1. The BOS Group was looking for a soft material for the VW Golf 6 with which they could produce the armrest cup holders in the foldable middle seatback. The TPE solution had to enable a soft bottom for the application, as otherwise passengers would feel uncomfortable touching a hard component in the seatback when the armrest is raised.

MEGOL cup holder imageVW cup holder with MEGOL™ TPS-SEBS 

Softness and good appearance with cost-effective processing

Important requirements were a strong adhesion onto ABS, good scratch resistance, and a high-quality surface appearance. Naturally, the material had to meet the usual requirements for an automotive interior material, i.e. low emissions (VOC)/odor, and good UV resistance. Besides these aspects, the TPE solution had above all to address serious problems that occurred with a competitor's material: a very large process window was needed to avoid serious demolding problems with consequent part deformation. Additionally, the competitor's substrate caused adhesion problems and surface defects commonly known as flow lines and spots.

MEGOL black cup holder image
VW cup holder with MEGOL™ TPS-SEBS, outside detail

The most important advantage of MEGOL™ HT1 55 SV/P UVR Black – compared to the competition – is the larger process window when manufacturing the cup holder. It allows for shorter cycle times as well as a higher-quality surface appearance and significantly fewer rejected parts.

Features of MEGOL™ HT1 55 SV/P UVR

  • Good adhesion on ABS
  • High scratch resistance
  • Low stiffness
  • Low emissions, odor, and fogging
  • Good UV resistance

MEGOL™ HT1 55 SV/P UVR BLACK enabled our partner to produce a 2K application fulfilling the desired purpose of the application's softness not unlike the rest of the back seat. Our solution provided very good adhesion between the TPE soft bottom and the ABS rigid frame (peeling force ≥ 5N/mm according to VDI 2019 standard), good scratch resistance and surface appearance (no flow lines at all), and  – crucially – a very large process window. With the use of our solution our partner could immediately reduce the percentage of discarded workpieces to acceptable standard levels. At the same time, MEGOL™ HT1 55 SV/P UVR BLACK ensures compliance with the OEM's requirements for fogging (VW PV 3015, < 2mg), for VOC and odor (VW 50180), and UV resistance for automotive interiors (VW PV1303).

White and grey MEGOL cup holder imageVW armrest with with MEGOL™ TPS-SEBS cup holders in 

The whole MEGOL™ family of TPE compounds offers an optimized combination of the elasticity, look, and feel of rubber with the cost-efficiency of thermoplastics.

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