Trinseo | Trinseo Installs Solar Panels in Terneuzen, The Netherlands
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Thought Leadership

June 22, 2021

Trinseo Installs Solar Panels in Terneuzen, The Netherlands

Listen to Kees Hovingh, Technology Associate, Styrene Monomer Technology at Trinseo Netherlands B.V. discuss the solar panel installation project and how it contributes to Trinseo’s 2030 sustainability goals.

In 2020, Trinseo published the company’s 2030 Sustainability Goals, which fall into five categories.

The five categories of Trinseo’s
Sustainability Goals:

1. Climate Change
2. Sustainable Product Portfolio
3. Supplier Responsibility
4. Responsible Operations
5. Sustainable Workforce

View the 2030 Sustainability Goals

 man speaking by solar panels

Our first Sustainability Goal category focuses on addressing climate change. Reducing energy use is a core focus for Trinseo and something we’ve been working towards for years in Terneuzen. By making the electricity we use more sustainable, we can reduce the amount of energy we utilize at the same time.

Take for example the energy used by the Tyril plant in Terneuzen. The Tyril plant stands in close proximity to Trinseo’s warehouse, and by placing more solar panels on the warehouse roof, we are able to produce more clean energy to use at our plant.

We recently modernized and connected two substations utilized by our Trinseo plant. As part of this effort, our maintenance organization successfully repurposed and redirected clean power to the Tyril plant. The accomplishment is impressive considering that the power redirected to the Tyrell plant is sixteen times that used to power a typical household.

While two leaders worked in conjunction with EH&S team to oversee the project, many employees from many different professional backgrounds came together to achieve a common goal… addressing climate change and at the same time, taking a significant step towards achieving our 2030 Sustainability Goals.