Trinseo | The Drive Towards More Sustainable Solutions: Lithium-Ion Batteries
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Thought Leadership

March 09, 2021

The Drive Towards More Sustainable Solutions: Lithium-Ion Batteries

Trinseo’s Latex Binders business is involved in the growing lithium ion battery market with its VOLTABOND™ material, a high-performance adhesive. The material is used in the coating formulation of a battery's anode electrode to bind the graphite and the conductivity agent powder onto the current copper collector.

For a lithium-ion battery application, VOLTABOND™ is a tiny part of the solution, but it plays a critical role in ensuring high-efficiency lithium-ion batteries. The material balances adhesion and ionic conductivity, electrolyte absorption, and chemical resistance; it also enhances recharging characteristics and cycling lifetime.

Before 2015, Trinseo’s latex binders business focused mainly on SB Latex in paper and carpet applications, two of its strongholds today. Due to marketplace trends, business leaders decided to pursue the battery segment.

The market for batteries is multi-faceted and includes three areas: Consumer 3C, which includes batteries for computers, communication, and consumer electronics; Electric Vehicle (EV), which includes batteries for automobiles, buses, bikes, and other modes of transportation; and Electric Storage System (ESS), which are larger battery units that replace generators and allow for storage of solar and wind energy. 

Trinseo is involved in all three areas and produces the material for battery applications at its Zhangjiagang, China, and Rheinmunster, Germany locations.  So far, Asia Pacific is the largest market for batteries with the major manufacturers in this region. However, other regions of the world are experiencing a surge and will continue that trend due to increased battery-powered applications.

Trinseo’s goal is to partner with its customers on their sustainability challenges, regardless of the type of latex binder application. Through our involvement with the growing area of lithium ion battery applications, we are supporting the development of efficient batteries and, in this way, can help customers achieve their sustainability goals and make a real impact.