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Thought Leadership

October 28, 2021

Material Samples Bring Trinseo Sustainable Solutions to Life

Trinseo materials are more than the properties on a Technical Data Sheet, and physically interacting with them assists our customers in making their assessments.

That’s why we collaborated with Positive Plastics, a group of materials and technology experts who wanted to create and curate a sample collection of various innovative, commercially available polymers with reduced environmental footprints. Their goal is to help designers, engineers, and product managers develop a more positive view of plastics. They hope to achieve this with an injection-molded part they developed specifically to illustrate important properties of a material such as surface quality, shrinkage, and warpage.

We selected two representative materials: a bio-based TPU (APILON™ 52 BIO TL 25) and a Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) PC / ABS (EMERGE™ PC / ABS 7590E60). These materials were selected for their physical-mechanical properties, high level of sustainably advantaged content and demand in the markets served by Engineered Materials.

 EMERGE product sample
EMERGE™ ECO Advanced Resins
APILON™ 52 BIO Grades 
  • EMERGE™ ECO Advanced Resins contain up to 95 percent post-consumer recycled (PCR) polycarbonate. Our PCR-containing PC and PC/ABS products can be formulated to achieve a very high degree of transparency, exceptional whiteness, and/or similar color and mechanical properties compared to virgin-only resins, providing product designers with a more environmentally friendly choice and higher design flexibility.
  • APILON™ 52 BIO Grades are bio-TPUs containing renewable raw materials. They offer significant environmental benefits without sacrificing performance. APILON™ 52 BIO is available with a wide range of shores and offers special haptics which give the product rubbery and matt properties.

The parts were injected in Kuortti, Finland, at Positive Plastics’ converter, Plastep Oy – a company with a long experience processing various polymers.

The sample is designed to provide an in-depth understanding of the material properties by showcasing seven attributes in one compact part::

  • Integral hinge
  • Shrinkage
  • Warpage
  • Fluidity
  • Surface quality
  • Draft angle
  • Sensitivity to sink-marks
  • Stiffness (modulus)

Trinseo remains committed to meeting its 2030 Sustainability Goals and helping customers achieve theirs by providing sustainable material solutions that do not compromise quality. Click here to view a brochure highlighting Trinseo Sustainable Solutions.