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Thought Leadership

April 18, 2022

Superior Solutions Start with a Customer-First Approach

Arthas Yang, Global Business Director, CASE 

Innovation comes from listening to customers’ needs. If you’re not listening to customers, how can you adapt to standard-setting industry trends or address new issues? Trinseo is at the forefront of what we do, and one of those reasons is our customer-first approach. We hear you: Our products are customized and tailored to meet customer demands. We’ve adapted by developing performance enhancing, sustainable products, and provide security for supply and cost.

Performance Enhancement:

Performance is about a product’s robust formulation, so it is durable, strong, and stable. We want to ensure that our products’ performance exceeds expectations, so adhesive life is longer, glue bonding is stable and waterproof, and machinery is more efficient with equal or better product outcomes. An example of this is our tile back glue, and its key properties of tack, bonding, and tensile strength. We looked at these properties and knew the outcomes could be improved based on customer feedback. We adapted the formula, and now our customers tell us they’re happier with the results—but it doesn’t mean we’re stopping there. You need to continue to innovate products that exceed performance expectations.


Sustainability has become a leading concern of many industries, including for Coatings, Adhesives, Sealants, and Elastomers (CASE). Countries around the world have started to put regulations in place for some of the most common CASE ingredients. At Trinseo, we want to reduce our global footprint. Recently, a customer launched a vegan and environmentally friendly, leather-like washable paper that needed a latex adhesive based on these same principles. They put the call out, and we answered with a formaldehyde-free acrylic latex solution that was just as strong as its traditional counterpart, but cleaner and safer for the environment and people, while costing up to 15% less. As more companies and consumers move toward responsible, environmentally friendly products, Trinseo will be there to support their needs.

Security of Supply and Cost:

Consumers like options because it provides security that a product will be there when you need it. Additionally, options mean competition; whether it’s cost or quality, having options means that companies are competing for your business. For example, in Asia, we provide a second source for wood adhesives. This security for supply and cost has led us to improve the performance of our wood adhesive, which now has a longer lifespan. This shows how competition has helped us improve—you either listen to your customers, or they’re going to purchase a different product.

Performance, sustainability, and supply security are three of the biggest challenges the CASE industry faces as consumers continue to demand products that meet their individual needs. Trinseo’s customer-first approach allows us to create customized solutions for our consumers by listening and learning about their needs. As we continue to receive feedback, we’ll adapt to the challenges presented to us.